Be persistent and consistent

Marketing services are a combination of a lot of different efforts; building awareness, social media, creating a buzz, email marketing, direct mail - just to name a few. The key is setting realistic goals. Regardless of how you are defining your goals, you must know how you're going to measure success. It can simply be increasing the number of prospects by 20% or getting 50 new clients this quarter. We help you define your success with measurable results so you know if you have reached your goal. Our structured approach with a clearly defined step by step program will have your company reaching it's goals sooner and more efficiently.

Develop the Vision

The Vision phase sets the initial ground work for all future design and development decisions. We start the process with a series of conversations with your team to learn all we can about your business, your products and services and about your customers. We discuss what your competition is doing wrong, what they are doing right, and then find ways to leverage the strengths your business offers which will give you a leg up against the competition. The information gathered here helps identify business requirements that will be used to build a strategic plan for marketing your company to your target markets.

Build the Plan

Using the strategic insights gathered during the Vision phase, we develop a plan and time line for deliverables. We agree on the media to be used such as email, web, print, and digital signage. By developing your key messaging and design elements we can form the underlying business goals for your company's marketing strategy and begin to strengthen your brand. Your plan is key to building a foundation for the future and should guide your business along the way, but it's not so rigid that we can't adjust it along the journey.

Design and Create

Once the planning and strategy are in place we will begin designing, writing, developing the necessary collateral; from logos, stationery, brochures, social media, and SEO so we properly position your company's brand identity. Your brand is everything within your company. As a result, it's imperative we define what it stands for. Once this is done, it could set your strategy for your business for years to come. Next we identify how and when you would like to launch your program to market your products and services.

Create a Process

In the same way that your marketing programs generates leads, we take that same approach when a prospect wants to learn more. We assist you in creating a well thought out road map for every new lead. So you can develop trust and good will. With a proven process for orienting new clients you will positively influence the bottom line conversion results you experience. To be able to have a repeatable process that is predictable and can drive revenue is a main goal of this step.

Customer Experience

Nothing matters more to a business than how you make customers feel. Focusing on how the customer feels determines whether your business survives or thrives. The customer experience is not transactional it should be educational. Your customers will want to learn more about your products and services so part of the experience can include workshops, seminars, blogs, webinars, and newsletters. We show you how to turn the sales experience into a partnership relationship with your prospects and customers.

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